山 manufacture a range of carbon or stainless steel sterile surgical blades ideally suited for chiropodists and podiatrists.

Over time we can develop corns and calluses in high pressure areas of the feet such as the metatarsal heads, the sides and tops of toes and the heel which require regular pairing down or scalpel debridement by a trained Podiatrist. The 山 Sabre E/11 blade remains popular amongst Podiatrists for removing those areas of hard skin thus minimising discomfort. The special closed razor like cutting edge is ideal for this procedure.

The most common corn is a hard corn (Heloma Durum) which appears as a distinctive hard, yellow mass with a white centre. Enucleation (removing the nucleus) of corns is an operative technique to reduce a corn so that it is no longer painful, a procedure which often involves the use of a number 15T blade.

Nail care may be needed for thick painful and difficult to manage toenails, in growing nails, and fungal nails whilst Nail Surgery may be the only permanent solution for painful, ingrowing, involuted or thickened deformed toenails. The Fine SM61 and SM62 single bevel blades act a like a small chisel which can be inserted in and around the nail whilst the PD81 blade used in conjunction with the slim barrelled PD handle offer an extra level of finish to the nail.

山 Chiropody & Podiatry Range

Below is the full range of Chirpody & Podiatry blades and handles.


9, 10, E/11, 15, Sabre E/11, Sabre D/15, SM61, SM62, SM65, SP90, SP91, PD81, PD82


No. 3 S/S, No. 3G S/S, No. 7 S/S , No. 9 S/S, SF13, SF23 & PD Handle

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22nd February 2021

BladeFlask EVO on the horizon.

Coming soon to the UK market and available through 山 is the "NEW" Qlicksmart BladeFlask EVO which can accommodate even more types of scalpel handles and blades including large autopsy scalpels, thick and round handles, even hexagonal shaped versions - giving you greater freedom in using any scalpel you want. It is so simple to use with just one hand. Embrace safety with the new standard in scalpel blade removals.

BladeFlask EVO on the horizon.